CELL: (917) 903-3172

Profile: Skilled in all aspects of cosmetology for television productions, television commercials, advertising print work, and live media events. Topics include Color theory, base matching and application techniques, corrective make-up, contouring, skin care, platform work, and aesthetics; well versed in all major cosmetic brands. Karen has worked with various National and International high profile corporate clients including celebrity personalities from every facet of the entertainment industry. Karen is accustom to working in a high pressure, multi-faceted environment, and has a keen ability to maintain a consistent quality of work while still adhering to stringent production deadlines.

Karen has free-lanced since 1999 with over 150 commercial production companies, and has worked with numerous satellite, cable and television stations. She has also worked in theater and short film productions, and have been a crew member at countless live production events throughout the United States.  Karen has also volunteered in mentoring several graduating classes with the School of Visual Arts. Listed below are several agencies that I have worked for in the past:

  • New York Times Events, 2002 thru Present
  • EUE Temps, Inc., 1997 thru Present.
  • Traffic Films, 2004 thru 2008
  • Sapphire Media, Inc. 2005 thru 2007
  • Medialink Productions 1999 thru Present
  • Pysop Creative 1997 thru Present
  • Underwood Pictures, Inc. 2002 thru Present
  • J. Walter Thompson  2005 thru Present
  • EUE Screen Gems, LTD. 1998 thru Present
  • Aresu/Goldring Studios 2006 thru Present
  • Flycollar Films 2007thru Present
  • Riverstreet Productions, Inc.  2005 thru Present
  • Sherpa Productions 2001 thru 2003
  • Fleet Films 2001 thru Present
  • Toner Films 1998 thru 2008
  • Screen Gems 1997 thru Present
  • Beehive, Inc. 2002 thru Present
  • Aero Films 2007 thru Present
  • Lost Highway Films 2009 thru Present
  • Giraldi 2008 thru Present
  • Lair 2008 thru Present
  • Hungry Man 2007 thru Present
  • Smuggler 2009 thru Present
  • Supply and Demand 2009 thru Present
  • Liquid FX 2009 thru Present
  • Green Dot Films 2009 thru Present
  • Weasel Works 2007 thru Present
  • Rabbit Content 2009 thru Present

Has achieved continuous employment with the following since 2001:

Food Network

Satellite Media Tours

N.Y. Times

History Channel

Disney Channel  

Arm & Hammer

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Bob Giraldi Productions

I have worked with several national and international high profile clients and celebrities such as:

Hillary Clinton

Miss U.S.A. 03, 04,05,06,07

Derek Jeter

Mark Sanchez

Anderson Cooper

Arron Judge

Bobby Flay

Faith Prince

Kathleen Turner

Eli Manning

Peyton Manning

Jessica Lane

Nathan Lane

James Lipton

Jets Cheerleaders

Ben Stiller

Jerry Stiller

I am accustom to working in a high pressure, multi-faceted environment, while maintaining a consistent quality of work and still adhere to production deadlines.  I am equally strong in both hair styling and make-up application for a multi-cultural audience and have the ability to produce special effects such as scaring, blood, tattoos, and bruises.  I am also well adapt in wig, beard, and mustache application.  I travel with an extensive hair and make-up kit which allows me to meet any challenge that may arise on set.